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Thank you for applying!

Call for solo and group exhibitions

Do you want to exhibit your photos in the picturesque city of Kranj, Slovenia, in the heart of Europe, during the summer 2022?

The Kranj Foto Fest invites photographers from all over the world to submit their original series and photo stories on the theme of HOME: A State of Transition to be presented in Kranj from August 24th to September 25th 2022, in solo and group exhibitions.

In 2022, the jury will select ONE WINNER to have a solo exhibition in the festival’s program and will shortlist a number of photographers to be part of group shows all around the town. 

Submit your work and get the chance to exhibit it at the International Festival of Contemporary Photography Kranj Foto Fest. What is more, this will also enable you to connect with photographers, curators and gallery owners.

Applications must be sent to the email until May 3rd 2022. Only series (not single images) will be accepted. 

We can’t wait to see your project!

Home: A State of Transition

In this edition of the Kranj Foto Fest, we will deal with the demanding topic of "Home: a State of Transition". Through photography, we will focus on complex issues such as housing as a human right; the displacement caused by climate change, natural disasters, armed conflicts, gentrification, unaffordable rents and wrong social policies; the personal narratives on migration and one’s feeling of belonging (or not) to a particular territory and its culture; and the intimate stories one experiences in places where they feel temporary.

Home. Place. Displacement. Migration. On the move. Integration. Homeland.

According to the World Migration Report 2022 from IOM, an estimated 281 million people live in a country other than their countries of birth. 3.6% of the global population are international migrants. Migration is not always a choice. What are the triggers of migration in recent years, and what are the personal stories behind those numbers? What about the internal (domestic) migration and the displacement of the lower-income families in urban areas: what are their narratives?

Improvised shelters, camps, temporary housing, squatters in empty buildings, on the wheels, homeless. Can one live in a “permanent transition”, moving from one place to another? Is home always a synonym of land, or one can feel at home anywhere despite the territory? Or not feel at home at all: not here, nor there? Where are the borders of our home? 

Our jury will be selecting projects that have a strong discourse on this so crucial and current subject. What is YOUR story? 


The curators will choose ONE WINNER to have a SOLO EXHIBITION at the Kranj Foto Fest 2022 and will SHORTLIST A NUMBER OF PHOTOGRAPHERS for GROUP exhibitions taking place in public areas, at historic landmarks, as well as in art centers, galleries, forests and waterfront areas of Kranj, Slovenia, from August 24th to September 25th 2022;

All the production expenses will be covered by the organisers;

Your application will be handled and judged by a team of experts on photography;

All selected photographers will get an amazing opportunity to show their work to a qualified audience consisting of art critics, curators, photo editors, gallery owners and publishers.


A series (not isolated images without any connection) from 6 to 20 photos in jpg format with 1200 pixels on the longest side. Single images should not exceed 500 kB.;

A short description (max 800 characters) in English about your project, including information about its title and the year that your series or photo story was developed;

Your bio with up to 1500 characters in English, including your personal info (email, phone number, country of residency and date of birth);

Save all images and documents in only ONE ZIP file under the title Name_Surname. Send this ZIP file to the email by May 3rd 2022.


Exposure at the Kranj Foto Fest’s main exhibitions and at locations all around the old historical center of Kranj as well as in green areas with all the production expenses covered by the organiser;

Network of curators and publishers and the possibility of your works getting exhibited and published on the festival partners’ platforms/at their venues as well;

Inclusion in the Kranj Foto Fest’s marketing & PR campaign + printed and digital publications;

At the end of the festival, one of the winner’s printed photographs is incorporated into the festival’s collection, and a second print is donated to the festival’s main sponsor.


The photo story should follow the theme of HOME: a State of Transition;

Photographers should guarantee that they have the same photos in high-resolution that is ideal for exhibition printing. These hi-res files will be required if your work is selected;

By being selected to participate at the Kranj Foto Fest, the photographers understand that their images can be used to promote the festival in digital and printed materials, press and on social media.


The deadline to send your photos is May 3rd 2022.


Participation in the Open Call is free of charge.


Photographers, visual artists and collectives of photographers and visual artists of any age from all over the world.


The results of the open call will be published on this page on May 20th 2022.


The Kranj Foto Fest undertakes the responsibility of curating, printing the photos, producing and promoting the exhibitions on the locations chosen by the organiser in the city of Kranj, Slovenia.

The organiser will be responsible for disposing of the received materials (online and printed) after the end of the festival.

The Kranj Foto Fest reserves the right to cancel the festival (or some of its activities) anytime due to COVID 19 pandemic or any other reason. 

Meet the 2022 Open Call's Jury

Ziyah Gafic

Photographer at VII Agency and Regional Director of VII Academy, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Veronica Sanchis

Verónica Sanchis

Founder of Foto Féminas, New York (the USA)

Henri Badaröh

Editor at Foam Magazine, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Barbara Čeferin

Owner of Galerija Fotografija, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Giuseppe Oliverio

Director PHmuseum, Bologna (Italia)

Ciril Jazbec

Photographer at NatGeo, Naklo (Slovenia)

Fernanda Prado Verčič

Founder of Kranj Foto Fest, Kranj (Slovenia)