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FESTIVAL 2024 aug 21 — sept 28
kranj, slovenia
FESTIVAL 2024 aug 21 — sept 28
kranj, slovenia
FESTIVAL 2024 aug 21 — sept 28
kranj, slovenia

2024 Kranj Foto Fest Open Call Winners Announced

This year, the call for exhibitions embraced an open theme, encouraging photographers from all levels and backgrounds to submit their projects without any thematic constraints. The submission for this Open Call was free and the deadline for entries was set for 14 February 2024.

Kranj Foto Fest’s Open Call for Exhibitions 2024 has received an incredible response, with 1014 submissions representing photographers from almost 100 nationalities and countries, across six continents. It has been an exciting and challenging process to go through so many strong applications and have to select only a few of them. 

After weeks of carefully reviewing all entries, the jury, consisting of Fernanda Prado Verčič (Director of Kranj Foto Fest), Barbara Čeferin (Founder of Galerija Fotografija), Ciril Jazbec (Photographer and Film Director), Carol Körting (Photo Editor at Leica Fotografie International), Christina Töpfer (Editor-in-Chief at Camera Austria International), Aneta Kowalczyk and Grzegorz Kosmala (Publishers at Blow up Press), and Marina Paulenka (Founding Director of Exhibitions at Fotografiska Berlin), has decided to award 20 (twenty) projects, consisting of 1 (one) winner and 19 (nineteen) finalists.

The winner and finalists will have the opportunity to work closely with the curatorial team in planning their exhibition for the festival. Additionally, they will be able to showcase their work to a qualified audience, including curators, photo editors, gallery owners, and publishers from Slovenia and abroad. This may also include the chance to participate in round tables, lectures, and guided tours

Besides the winner and shortlisted artists, Kranj Foto Fest has chosen to acknowledge another 17 (seventeen) projects that, while not selected for exhibition, earned high praise from the jury. These projects will have the special opportunity to be screened at an evening projection during the Opening Week of Kranj Foto Fest 2024!

We congratulate all the selected photographers who will show their works in Kranj this summer! And for those who have not been chosen this year, we encourage you to apply again in 2025.

Please scroll down to see all the photographers exhibiting their projects as part of the Kranj Foto Fest 2024 program.


Ana Zibelnik (Slovenia) and Jakob Ganslmeier (Germany)

Series “Fault Line”

Fault Line, a project by the duo Ana Zibelnik and Jakob Ganslmeier, explores the fragility of our collective resilience, which is being undermined by a polarized society. Far from merely documenting the physical consequences of climate change, the work represents an intelligent investigation into the psychological effects of eco-anxiety, particularly prevalent among youth who increasingly harbor doubts about their future.

Zibelnik and Ganslmeier are interested in this inner layer of documentation, not the ones from drone’s perspective. By tracing the stories of young climate activists, human rights defenders, those affected by climate devastation, and even climate-change deniers, they delve into the polarizing effects of climate issues from a psychological standpoint. Their territorial focus lies in Southern Europe, where they also collect interviews and present a journal-style narrative enriched with visual elements and texts, adding another dimension to the project as a whole. For some, climate fear is paralyzing, while for others, it serves as a catalyst for action.

Zibelnik and Ganslmeier wrote in their project statement: “Fault Line portrays the impact of the climate crisis in Europe by examining the myriad responses within society. From migration driven by environmental factors, eco-anxiety, and activism on the one hand to the troubling surge of populist rhetoric on the other, it questions how the accelerating rhythm of disasters leads to a deepening of polarization and erodes our collective resilience. 

Our primary motivation is to present a society-focused visual representation of the climate crisis. Images of environmental devastation are often captured from a distance — by drones or are focused on the overall scope of natural and infrastructural damage. What interests us is a closer examination of such situations — how do extreme climate events impact individuals? How does the fear arising from such conditions contribute to the emergence of hateful ideologies?” 

The jury of Kranj Foto Fest Open Call 2024 acknowledged Ana Zibelnik and Jakob Ganslmeier’s Fault Line for its remarkable ability to address multiple layers of our collective resilience’s fragility. They also highlighted the ongoing nature of the project as a positive aspect, recognizing its potential for further exploration and expansion.

About the artists

Ana Zibelnik (b.1995, Ljubljana, Slovenia) is a visual artist and photographer with a master’s degree in Film and Photographic Studies from the University of Leiden. Her work delves into ecological crises, climate fear and the social implications of these. Jakob Ganslmeier (b.1990, Munich, Germany) is a photographer and visual artist with a master’s degree in Photography & Society from the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (The Hague). Ganslmeier’s focus lies on dissecting the visual representation of radical ideologies and providing an opposing narrative through an interactive artistic approach. In 2022, Ganslmeier and Zibelnik joined forces to form a duo. They are based in The Netherlands.


By alphabetical order:

Farzana Akhtar (Bangladesh), A Litany for Survival

Marta Bogdańska (Poland), Shifters

Jordi Ruiz Cirera (Spain), On this side there are dreams too

Luciana Demichelis (Argentina), Órbita W.

Imane Djamil (Morocco), Slow Days in the Fortunate Isle

Ismail Ferdous (Bangladesh), Sea Beach

Blaž Gutman (Slovenia), Seventy Years Ago Was Seven Minutes Ago

Issam Larkat (Algeria), Frantz Fanon, Me, and The Questions

Diambra Mariani (Italy), Honeymoon

Karim Mottaghi (Iran), Broken Glass!

Chidinma Nnorom (Nigeria), Fragments of Being and Belonging

Matthieu Paley (France), The Softness of Men

Andrés Pérez (Venezuela), Dead family

Valentina Piccinni (Italy) and Jean-Marc Caimi (France), No Woman No Cry

Jaka Teršek (Slovenia), Owl, Fox, Hedgehog, Deer

Marcel Top (Belgium), Reversed Surveillance

Marieke van der Velden and Philip Brink (the Netherlands), Children of the Labyrinth

Kinga Wrona (Poland), 85

Amin Yousefi (Iran), Eyes Dazzle as They Search for The Truth



  • A solo exhibition at Kranj Foto Fest 2024 with all production costs covered by the festival.

  • 1000 EUR cash prize.

  • Travel expenses of up to 400 EUR and lodging for 3 nights during the opening week of the festival (August 2024).

  • A projection at Kranj Foto Fest 2024 and PhMuseum Days 2024 (Bologna, Italy).


  • Participation in group exhibitions at Kranj Foto Fest 2024 with all production costs covered by the festival.

  • Lodging for 3 nights during the opening week of the festival (August 2024).

  • A projection at Kranj Foto Fest 2024 and PhMuseum Days 2024 (Bologna, Italy).


Selected photographers for projections at Kranj Foto Fest 2024

Kranj Foto Fest has made an additional decision to recognize photographers who didn’t make a selection to be exhibited but were highly regarded by the jury. We are happy to announce that these artists will be granted the opportunity to present their work during an evening projection at the Opening Week of Kranj Foto Fest 2024!

Shirin Abedi (Iran)

Matias Bercovich (Spain)

Yassmin Forte (Mozambique)

Mary Gelman (Russia)

Joel Jimenez (Costa Rica)

Aliona Kardash (Russia)

Andrej Lamut (Slovenia)

Enrique Pezo Gómez (Peru)

Peter Pflügler (Austria)

Kwazokuhle Phakathi (South Africa)

Veronika Mol (Ukraine)

Mayowa Oyewale (Nigeria)

Kristina Sergeeva (Russia)

Giorgi Shengelia (Georgia)

Irmina Walczak (Poland) and Sávio Freire (Brazil)

Patrick Wack (France)

Hugo Weber (France)

Meet the Open Call 2024's Jury

Carol Körting

Photo editor at Leica Fotografie International
Christina Töpfer Glavna urednica revije Camera Austria International

Christina Töpfer

Editor-in-chief at Camera Austria International

Marina Paulenka

Founding Director of Exhibitions at Fotografiska Berlin

Fernanda Prado Verčič

Director of Kranj Foto Fest

Barbara Čeferin

Owner of Galerija Fotografija
Ciril Jazbec

Ciril Jazbec

Documentary Photographer




International Festival of Contemporary Photography

Kranj, Slovenia