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FESTIVAL 2024 aug 21 — sept 28
kranj, slovenia
FESTIVAL 2024 aug 21 — sept 28
kranj, slovenia
FESTIVAL 2024 aug 21 — sept 28
kranj, slovenia

About Kranj Foto Fest

Created with the goal of exhibiting, promoting, supporting and developing the works of Slovenian and international artists and building a strong and lasting platform for contemporary photography, the festival aims to bring together emerging and established photographers from all over the world. It transforms the town of Kranj into an exciting hub of contemporary photography in this part of Europe.

The International Festival of Contemporary Photography Kranj Foto Fest was created in 2021, in Slovenia, in the midst of a pandemic that challenged our sense of boundaries and our perception of freedom. In this context, the festival addressed the highly topical subject of ISOLATION | FREEDOM in an attempt to stimulate awareness and understanding of the turbulent times in which we find ourselves immersed. 

The old town of Kranj was transformed into an open-air gallery, where empty windows received new roles and meanings as frames, bringing colour to streets that had become far too used to the various lockdown scenarios we saw.

In 2022, the festival laid the foundations for just such a dialogue by bringing different views, cultures, and generations together. In that year, the theme was HOME: A State of Transition, when we challenged photographers to (re)present their views on a traditional yet extremely contemporary and complex concept: HOME, and all the many layers this word represents.

Through photography, we dealt with demanding issues such as displacement in the face of climate change, natural disasters, armed conflicts, gentrification, unaffordable living conditions and unjust social policies. Furthermore, we presented personal narratives on migration and the sense of belonging (or not) to a particular territory and its culture. We showcased the intimate stories we experience in places where we feel temporary, and the memories connected to home and the lands of our families.

The theme for the 2023 festival was “HUMAN–NATURE,” inviting participants from various levels and backgrounds to submit their photo stories that explore the relationship between people and the environment. Kranj transformed into an outdoor gallery at the warm height of summer, with exhibitions taking place in squares, historical monuments, the castle garden, the Kokra River canyon, on the streets, and in galleries.

Kranj is a unique place to host a photo festival: the medieval history of the town mixes with both the present and the future with a view to innovation and creativity. It was here that in 1842, Janez Puhar – the first Slovenian photographer – created a unique process of reproducing photography on glass.

Having this remarkable historical context as a backdrop, Kranj Foto Fest has been created to celebrate photography and its larger significance. It represents a platform for dialogue between photographers, students, curators, educators, photo enthusiasts, and the local community.

Integration into the local community and hospitality chain: Kranj Foto Fest is deeply embedded in the local environment. Our vision focuses on the prudent use of available urban infrastructure while respecting the environment in which we operate. Our goal is to preserve the intimate and personal character of the festival and value the individual connections that such a size and format of the event offer. Striking a balance between growing, expanding our audience, and respecting the local tourism framework presents a significant challenge. In this context, we are actively engaged in a dialogue with the Institute for Tourism and Culture Kranj to develop a strategic sustainability plan for the festival’s future.

Respect for landscape and urban planning: Aligned with our commitment to respecting the landscape, urban planning, and architectural heritage of the city, our exhibition scenography is carefully designed to seamlessly integrate curated images into public spaces.

We sincerely believe that a photographic festival like Kranj Foto Fest has a unique ability to strengthen artists’ confidence by providing ideal conditions for rich discussions. It’s more than just a gathering; the festival is a platform where creative minds come together, knowledge is exchanged, profound discussions take place, connections are formed, and projects are developed.

Our mission is to facilitate such a dialogue for photographers, curators, critics, and photographic editors from Slovenia and beyond its borders.

Team Kranj Foto Fest 2023

Founder and Festival’s Director: Fernanda Prado Verčič

Organisational and Curatorial Committee: Barbara Čeferin, Ciril Jazbec, Fernanda Prado Verčič

Production Team: Mark Breznik, Urša Culiberg, Petra Godeša, Tereza Kozinc, Franc Lautar, Ela Elizabeta Romih, Roman Rus, Matjaž Tančič, Patricija Zupanic 

Designer: Zoran Pungerčar

PR: Mateja Dimnik

Proofreading: Vida Jocif

Photographers: Luka Dakskobler, Primož Pičulin, Maša Pirc

Produced by: Photo Dialogue – zavod za vizualno umetnost

Kranj Foto Fest was founded in 2021 by Fernanda Prado Verčič and Petra Puhar Kejžar.

International Festival of Contemporary Photography

Kranj, Slovenia