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Fernanda Prado Verčič

Director of Kranj Foto Fest

Brief info

Fernanda Prado Verčič is a co-founder and the director of Kranj Foto Fest, and a journalist with over two decades of experience in the world of photography. Originating from São Paulo, where she graduated from journalism, she gained an MA in photography and worked as a deputy photo editor at Valor Econômico, one of the most prestigious financial media outlets in Brazil.

Having been based in Kranj since 2011, she has been a notable player in connecting photographers to important venues in Slovenia and abroad. With a passion for discovering new works, Fernanda is constantly on the lookout for photographers who are pushing the boundaries of the medium and exploring new ways to tell their visual stories.

What makes her move is to create opportunities for photographers to showcase their work. As a photo curator, producer, and festival director, Fernanda is deeply committed to fostering a community where artists, critics and audiences can come together and engage around photography in the city of Kranj. Her dream is to transform Kranj into a thriving platform for dialogue around contemporary photography in this part of Europe.

International Festival of Contemporary Photography

Kranj, Slovenia