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Maša Lancner (Slovenia)

“Migratory birds travel every autumn and return in the spring, however, some ‘modern’ human relations last a much shorter period of time. The birds fly freely, but a person remains isolated and captivated in their pain”.

At first, Maša Lancner (b. Slovenia, 1984), devoted her interests to studying languages – Spanish and Japanese at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. Next to languages, she came across foreign cultures. She upgraded her knowledge through travelling and exchanges in Spain, South America and Japan. Her love for art has led her to another study experience – Higher Technical School for Photography in Sežana. She was completely taken over by this study, so she went to exchange in Paris and afterwards to Erasmus practice for young entrepreneurs in Madrid.

Her series “Migratory birds” was created in the Spanish capital and depicts locations where Maša used to spend time with people who had left. “Migratory birds” attempts to deal with her feelings after returning to the multimillion metropolis and facing the departures of people, who were once a part of her life there, and the loneliness. Only memories have remained. 

Apply to the Open Call 2022 for Solo and Group Exhibitions.

Kranj Foto Fest photos in the street

Maša Lancner

Shortlisted in the Open Call 2021 on the theme Isolation | Freedom

Born inSlovenia, 1984Lives inSloveniaGroup Exhibition Open Call 2021with the series "Migratory Birds"VenueGalerija na mestuShare

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