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Bruno Alencastro (Brazil)

The year is 2020. Month, April. A new virus has emerged and a new pandemia is striking out there. No one is truly aware of what is still to come. Locked inside his 4th-floor apartment in the Copacabana neighbourhood, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the photographer Bruno Alencastro is trying to communicate with the outside world, searching for ways to break the barrier which is keeping him locked: the window, a symbol that represents the abyss between the inside and the outside world. Isolation and Freedom. A limited frame of the reality that is still flowing outside, but no one has access to it.

Without leaving his apartment, Bruno “visited” the homes of more than 80 photographers who agreed to turn their houses into large-format obscure cameras and captured life in times of pandemic. “Each with its uniqueness. Achievements and losses. Wishes and privileges. Fears and hopes.”- he wrote. The result is a photo essay characterized by a dark and enigmatic atmosphere, such as the indecipherable future that no one knows (yet) for sure. 

Bruno Alencastro is a specialist in visual narratives with experience in photography, video and digital content production. He holds a Master degree in Communications, and a Specialization in Photojournalism and Social Photography at the Centro de Fotografía y Medios Documentales de Barcelona – CFD BARCELONA. He is currently Director of Photography at Canarinho – a Content Agency in Rio de Janeiro.

Bruno Alencastro

Invited by the curatorial board to have a solo exhibition in the festival 2021.

Born inBrazil, 1985Lives inBrazilSolo Exhibition in the Fest 2021with the project "Obscura"FormatVideo installationInterventionConstruction of a large camera obscura open for visitationVenueLayerjeva hišaShare

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